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Our Story

Ross Flags and Design LLC was launched from Maria’s simple desire to have a flag that honors Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Maria has always proudly displayed flags outside her home in celebration or commemoration of the various holidays.  However, when it came time for Martin Luther King Day or Black History Month, she could find nothing.

After pondering over the idea for nearly a decade, Maria and her husband Dwayne decided to create and design their own flag in 1998.  Their initial desire was to have a flag to display on their home and at the schools of their children, but request from family, friends, and school personnel made them think bigger.  In order to market such a flag, licensing rights would have to be obtained from the King estate, something that had been accomplished by only a handful of very reputable companies.  An attempt was made to contact the King Estate with the idea, but it was flatly denied.

On June 19, 2000, the Ross’ were victims of a hate crime.  In the early morning hours, they discovered a 7 foot cross burning in their front lawn. That day, Dwayne and Maria learned firsthand what it felt like to have the American dream shattered simply because of the color of their skin.  Juneteenth, as the day has come to be known, is a day to observe African American Emancipation.  Instead of being bitter, this life-changing incident ignited a fire in Dwayne and Maria to do something about the inherent nature of the decision made by their perpetrators.   Within days of the cross burning organizations and individuals like the NAACP, Urban League, the ADL, inter faith leaders, local political representatives, and neighbors participated in a prayer vigil on Dwayne and Maria’s front lawn.  These people and organizations brought the teachings of Dr. King to their front yard.  Dwayne and Maria went on a crusade to make an impact to eradicate bigotry and hatred.  They decided the ten year old flag idea, was exactly what they wanted to pursue.  One might ask, “why a flag”?  The flag represents a visual symbol that exemplifies pride, shows respect, and stimulates dialogue, all critical in addressing the continued racial tension in our country brought on by ignorance and intolerance.  This flag and its symbolism is their offering to the extension of the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., his beliefs and teachings.  The flag’s slogan, “Yesterday’s Dream, Tomorrow’s Reality” offers a glimpse into how far Dr. King’s dream has come.  It reminds all of us the importance of what Dr. King stood for.   Together, with Dwayne’s brother Kevin and his wife Lori, Ross Flags was born.

In 2008 they were licensed by Intellectual Properties Management (the exclusive licensor of the King Estate) to create the first flag honoring the life and legacy of Dr. King.  Their mission is to make sure schools throughout the country display Dr. King’s banner in their libraries or on campus.  Since then, they’ve had many educators requesting a flag honoring Cesar Chavez.  They are proud to say that they are now licensed by the Cesar E. Chavez Foundation to create the first flag honoring his life and legacy.  Their hope is that by displaying these flags throughout the country, awareness is raised, dialogue is opened and the legacies of these two Civil Rights icons are promoted.  The flags act as visual aids for promoting peace during marches, parades, and civil rights rallies.  The hope is for every home, school, and business to proudly display these flags. 

Ross Flags and Design LLC is a family owned business.  Proceeds from the sale of every flag benefit the mission of the King Center/Cesar E. Chavez Foundation.

We feel truly blessed to have this opportunity and thank you for sharing our vision.

Best regards,

Dwayne, Maria, Kevin, and Lori Ross

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